This coating makes dirt slide to keep the fun going

water resistant repellent coating layer stay clean

One of the reasons why children are happy is because they don’t worry. They don’t worry about clothes getting dirty while plunging in that puddle of mud. They don’t worry about eating with their hands and definitely don’t care about the size of food they put in their mouths. All they worry about is having fun: there are no stains and dirty clothes and muddy shoes when children play. Unfortunately stuff does get dirty, and some stains simply stay forever.

Like most women and a good part of men, I love my stuff clean. I go so far even that I keep the rags used to clean stuff… also stain free. It’s an obsession I can’t snap out of, spending my scarce time on scrubbing and polishing and ruining the fun while first taking care that I remain clean at all times. Naturally, since I live in Quirk Heaven, I started to look for a solution to free me from this ordeal. Most of the coatings available for consumers are for shoes and that’s pretty logic. I was however looking for a more universally broad solution and I came across NeverWet. This spray is also mainly used to protect shoes, but it also promises to cover other surfaces. However, the NeverWet fails on many counts when tested by consumers. The layer which results damages and stains the surfaces.

Then I came across this:

Ultra Ever is a spray based double layer which applied to various sorts of surfaces, creates an invisible buffer that prevents liquids to stick and impregnate. The catch? It’s industrial use only, which means the producer recommends it for professional use only.

  • it’s fully efficient only when both layers are applied in equal quantity and uniform, otherwise it comes off shortly
  • use it in good ventilated areas, it is volatile and smells intense when sprayed
  • it leaves a white-translucent layer, thus it’s not completely invisible
  • the coating can damage the material you wish to protect, so better test it first on a small piece
  • needs some serious shaking and mixing before applying, hence the industrial purpose
  • not easy to apply
  • the price for the smallest quantity available, covering ~3 sqm is €30 for the bottom layer and €55 for the top layer. Ultra Ever is available in bigger quantities as well.

Quirk Heaven is eagerly waiting for a perfected version of either NeverWet or Ultra Ever while thinking about the countless applications such as:

  • the toilet brush
  • umbrella and sunblock
  • tent
  • table cloth
  • apron
  • bathroom mirror
  • trash bin
  • shower walls, tiles and curtain
  • car front window

Before you go, watch this weirdly satisfying video and tell me what is the most unusual application of this quirk:

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