Carry your board easier with Kuma CUB

Kuma CUB carry your board snowboard carrier on your back shoulder

Winter sport fanatics are the kind of people who love to go off piste, explore new untackled paths and get adventurous, and this means carrying the heavy snowboard uphill for rather long distances. Whoever had to carry a pair of skis or a snowboard knows exactly how uncomfortable it can get: you’re already fully equipped with thick bulky waterproof clothes and heavy gloves and you need to carry that sharp edged 5 kylo 1,5m long board in your arms.  The Kuma CUB is an innovative and safe way to carry your snowboard around the ski slope without it cutting through your gloves and damaging your clothes. This allows you to hang your snowboard strapped on your side or on your back. The round disc sticks with double-sided tape to the snowboard, preferably in between the snow-boot slots, and all you have to do is pull the strap out to hang it on your shoulder.

Kuma Engineering CUB carry your board snowboard

I’ve met these guys at the TEDx event last month: young students, sky high tall and very smart. Their passion for snowboarding led them to create a device designed to improve the winter sports experience.

The Kuma CUB ( Carry Ur Board) project brought them already prizes and support at various fairs and competitions. They’re set for big achievements if they keep it up. 



These Dutch students have big plans for their product and are already Kuma CUB carry your board snowboard easy to carry strapped on your backthinking ahead. Future application of Kuma CUB:

  • once the product exits prototype stage and is perfected, it can be adapted for skis and kites as well
  • customizable: winter sport related companies and even popular snow apparel brands can be featured on the disc
  • instant idea: in collaboration with snowboard developers, why not screw the disc directly in the snowboard, make it the new carrying standard?

Quirk Heaven wishes Kuma Engineering good luck! I can’t wait to see the CUB on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo 🙂

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