Go barefoot wearing invisible shoes by Nakefit

Nakefit soles beach sticky protection sand hot

Hot sand, pointy rocks, sharp seashells, sea urchins, icky algae, spa floor full of fungus, hard cement or simply stuff-on-the-bottom-you-can’t-see; if this is your last and only worry, then you’re having a great holiday. However, there’s now an alternative for the bulky water-shoes. These hypoallergenic stick to feet soles called Nakefit are barely visible and were created for those who just love going barefoot.  The nifty extra flexible soles claim to be “waterproof, cut-proof, heat-resistant, and slip-proof”.

Nakefit cement

Nakefit are disposable, that means they’re designed to last for just one use. They look super easy to put on, stripe off and walk on.

Nakefit easy to put on soles Nakefit easy to take off soles

They are supposed to be fully waterproof thanks to the revolutionary glue that sticks perfectly to feet. This quirk is in fact hot and barely out of the oven, being still featured on Kickstarter. It achieved already 5 times its crowdfunding goal, so it’s expected to become commercially available this summer. This also means there’s no actual review available to confirm the bold claims made by the Italian inventor. The soles come in 10 pair packages and cost €30 (€3 for each use). They come in 3 fun colors that will make eyes pop, creating free publicity when displayed  but personally I’d rather wear them in a transparent more seamless version.

Quirk Heaven still needs to test them in order to find out their weak spots if any:

  • are they really so completely waterproof?
  • do they start to come off after some good hours of beach volley/fun in the waves?
  • do they leave a sticky glue layer upon desoldering?
  • how does the sole skin look like after wearing the Nakefit for 5-8 straight hours?
  • do they really optimally protect against hot surfaces like sand, cement, tin, stone, wood etc?
  • do you need a good pedicure to ensure good adhesion? How about cracked heels?
  • how comfortable are they still after half a day of intensive use?
  • how well do they protect when stepping on a sharp nail, piece of glass or sea urchin?

Here in Quirk Heaven we really like these stick to feet soles and would love to try them on, however at a €3 per use cost they seem extremely expensive. Not saying a pair of Havaianas which cost €20 is a fair comparison to make, but using Nakefit for 10 days is already 50% more expensive than a rather expensive pair of flip-flops. Check Nakefit in action here:


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