Most useful and misunderstood critter needs your help

spiders are good

Man, I’m tired! This summer is killing me. I’ve been working for the past 2 hours on those 2 freaking mosquitoes, what a struggle! So silly, don’t they know already that once on my territory there’s no way out? They’re just as stupid as they look like. Look at them now, all cocooned up in silky straitjackets. They’ve had their laugh last night, terrorizing bloodsuckers, but now I’m the last one laughing. Too bad I’ve just had dinner otherwise how I’d sink my teeth into their juicy bloody bellies! Tomorrow is another day and my roommate will be so happy with my hunting skills. Oh, there he is now, hey mate! Oh great, you’ve brought today’s paper, can’t wait to read the n….

Yes I admit, I’m one of those people who appreciate spidersmisunderstrood spider meme for what they do, getting rid of pests like flies, mosquitoes, bugs, moths and what not. And I’m equally afraid of them, so when it comes to catching a spider I cringe in despair. Spiders are natural pest repellents, if only they didn’t have to be in my house.

Fortunately there are more who share my standpoint and one of them invented the gentle version of the electric flyswatter, which I simply adore for slaying flies and mosquitoes – if you don’t have one yet, I swear it works wonders!

The Critter Catcher does exactly what the name suggests: safely traps the insect without harming it before you can release it outside or kill it with fire. No, I’m kidding, no need to use fire, you can simply flush it down the toilet. Simply squeeze the handle when the insect is inside the canopy. 

84% of buyers are happy with their purchase, confirming these high points of the critter catcher:

catch insect trap spider safely critter catcher release

  • traps spiders, flies, cockroaches, crickets, butterflies and moths, bees and wasps, centipedes and even scorpions – basically every insect provided it’s big enough to not escape
  • most insects are not harmed in the catching process (unless intended)
  • handy and agile users can make the catch during flight
  • you don’t come in contact with the bug, hooray!
  • eco-friendly, no pesticides, chemical free
  • works well on carpets and rougher surfaces as well
  • no mess from squashing the bug
  • it’s 64 cm long, plenty of space between you and the bug, and it extends to almost 13 cm in diameter
  • costs around €13, which makes it widely accessible

Of course, I’m not neglecting the voice of those unhappy customers, here are the watch outs:

  • smaller insects are difficult or impossible to catch, so in this case size does mattercritter catcher spider traps insect release
  • some argue that once caught, insects and especially cockroaches easily escape before arriving outside
  • with most critters you need to be fast and react quickly, otherwise you miss your chance
  • spider lovers advice to avoid using the critter catcher on spiders carrying babies on their back, as the baby spiders will fall off. In this case the classic paper slipped under a glass remains the best solution
  • this catcher comes with a cover to secure the catch, but some buyers complain it doesn’t stay on until they get outside to release the beast



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