The ultimate furniture breakthrough is zero visible holes

wood drilling invisible holes magnetic screwdriver Invis MX2

Finally, something quirky for the (handy)men in Quirk Heaven. But also for picky women like me. If there’s a slight chance for a home project to go wrong, it most probably will. Men invest time and sweat to build a custom size hanging cabinet only to realize the screw holes ruin the whole picture. To make furniture without holes is therefore the ultimate challenge and it can’t really be done unless it’s 3d printed or carved from one piece of wood. Sure, IKEA and co. come up with innovative ways to deal with collateral holes but you can mainly do 3 things:

  • place them in more obscure places, away from plain sight

hidden screw

  • cover them as seamlessly as possible

cover screw

  • play and make fun of them

creative screw

Invis MX2 is a technology that can put an end to visible screw holes altogether, throwing them literally in a 4th dimension. This system connects screws and bolts easily without leaving any visible holes. The screwdriver is powered by a magnet wheel that fastens screws without touching the drill area. Sounds impressive and complicated? Take a look here:

This system is one of a kind and very new, therefore I couldn’t find reviews or opinions of people that actually got their hands on it. The claims are nevertheless impressive:

  • Grip and clamp power of up to 250kg
  • Works well on wood and ceramic surfaces
  • Because the screwdriver doesn’t come in direct contact with the screws and holes, the wear out is minimal, which means goodbye damaged screws bending the wrong way
  • It’s fast, generating 1200 – 1500 rpm
  • Designed for 12mm holes

I promise to come back as soon as the first genuine reviews pop up, this is a brilliant device and game changer for the furniture industry. Until then, here are the challenges that I can see so far about the Invis MX2:

  • A perfect alignment is crucial: what you solve by removing visible holes you ruin with a sloppy connection
  • The price is high: €505 for a starter kit is not a bargain. And the screws are also pricey at over €6 per piece
  • It requires much more work and precision than the classic drilling method
  • Is the magnetic force strong enough to fasten the alignment correctly?

Bottom line: wood work is about as far away from my expertise as a snail using a bow and arrow. Experienced wood craftsmen already have more affordable methods of cleverly concealing drilling holes, so talent and skill compensate as usual. I believe this system is not destined for professional carpenters, but rather for ambitious handymen who can afford it. After all, it takes a lot of furniture to amortize and make worthwhile to own such a tool.

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