This toothbrush rinses your mouth after brushing

scott amron toothbrush rinse fountain

This toothbrush solves one big 1st world problem: rinsing over a minuscule sink. It’s design is so simple I wonder how is this not the standard yet. Its creator, Scott Amron, is an artist and inventor of exactly what Quirk Heaven stands for.

Completely manual, this rinser toothbrush concept can be easily applied to electric toothbrushes as well. Water shoots up and in the mouth via a miniature water slide resembling the iron fountains you find in parks. Just 2 ingeniously placed holes et voilà!

  • No more putting your head in the sink
  • Germophobe perk: the rinser toothbrush redirects water straight from the tap, not from dirty palms or cups
  • Brush everywhere, even in the woods, replace the sink with a water bottle
  • Brush head is removable so no need to replace the whole brush. 1 stem + 2 toothbrush heads = 1 happy couple on the go
  • Apparently this technique is also popular: hold toothbrush under the stream then quickly bring it to  mouth and suck the water out of it. Eew!

At this point, no one should be using disposable cups for rinsing after brushing. No one should have to wash a glass or cup every time they rinse. No one should have to lap water from their hand. No one should be forced to slurp excess water from toothbrush bristles. Current methods of getting water into our mouths are sloppy, create waste, and place unnecessary stress on our bodies. And, people love water fountains.

Says inventor Scott Amron

rinser toothbrush water fountain mouthwash

I really wouldn’t put it so weighty, I mean there are definitely worse things than having to wash your cup after rinsing, however this quirky toothbrush combines art with functionality in a brilliant way. The second and improved version of this toothbrush costs €10 and includes 2 interchangeable brush heads. Quirk Heaven finds it strange that such a simple and useful tool didn’t replace the traditional toothbrush yet, as it’s been around since 2007 already.

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