Upright GO fights slouching and wins

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Slouching is the 21st century disease, first degree cousin with sedentarism. In 2017 84% of people suffer from back pain and 54% are sedentary. It spreads upon offices and living-rooms across the world and seem to capture more of the higher status society. This is indeed a first world problem which comes with more outcomes besides the obvious ones. To point out just how serious and damaging slouching is, the Angel in Quirk Heaven who shamefully suffers from slouching herself, turned the internet upside down to put out this scary list.

Just to what extent is slouching bad for you?

  • exerts continuous pressure on the muscles supporting the upper back, as well as lower back, causing chronic back pain
  • weakens core muscles, the bulging belly that never seems to go away after diet and exercise
  • causes fatigue by consuming extra energy
  • accentuates depression and stress
  • causes digestive problems such as constipation: when slouching, the internal organs and intestines are pressed onto an unnatural position
  • diminishes agility
  • limits breathing, which affects the quality of let’s say physical exercise. Did you know you can increase your resistance by simply correcting your posture?
  • prevents blood from circulating properly, and one effect is the headache
  • affects sleep quality, so maybe you don’t need to buy smart pillows to fall asleep quicker if you just straightened up

A good posture brings more than a few extra centimeters:slouching upright go good posture correct sitting

  • confidence, both inside and out. A straight posture influences positively the way other people perceive you, but it also makes you feel more self assured
  • by sitting or standing straight, you look slender, not only taller
  • a good posture boosts your motivation, focus and mood
  • it’s a natural way to lower blood pressure
  • a more efficient workout, because you can simply breathe better and feed your lungs with the fuel to support your effort. Plus, you don’t tense your shoulders, neck and back unnecessary

So if slouching is so bad and everybody knows that, why do we still slouch? Because it’s subconscious and once the awareness drifts away to other areas, here it comes again without notice. The struggle is real, therefore Upright GO might just be what we, slouchers, needed all along. A means to bring back self awareness.

Upright GO is a small device that sticks to your upper or lower back with adhesive strips and monitors your posture. Whenever you slouch, you get buzzed so that you can correct yourself. The Upright GO is already the second generation, meaning that the shortcomings of Upright PRO were corrected: calibration, accuracy and quality of sticking strips. Upright GO promises to help you create a habit of sitting straight in about 2-3 weeks by wearing the device 15 to 60 minutes daily.

Upright GO in checkpoints, as we like it here in Quirk Heaven:

  • wear it anyway you want: sitting, driving, standing, walking
  • weighs 12 grams
  • battery lasts 8,7 hours in use
  • it’s one size fits all
  • it’s invisible under your shirt
  • waterproof, you can use it in the pool but why would you do that? Ok, if you forget you’re wearing it 😉
  • comes with 2 modes: train – buzzes to snap you out of slouching, or track – silently recording your progress via the app to see how good you’re doing on your own
  • costs about €88 and is available to buy from September 2017. Until then you can benefit of the 20% early bird discount by supporting Upright GO on IndieGoGo


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