The pillow that makes you sleep better

I’m not exactly sure where I’ve read that one who is able to sleep better is truly richer than another who bathes in money but is always tired, but I solidly agree. More well known is the amount of good sleep need ed to function optimally, the famous 8 hours and allegedly 76% of the population fails to achieve it. I myself am a sleep junkie, I exceed this given quota. Life nowadays is so busy and the social pressure to do more with the 24 hours is so great that often sleep is the first resource that people give up in their quest to achieve more. This leads in time to chronic exhaustion and messing with the sleep schedule on a longer term leads to sleep disorders: quality drops and falling asleep becomes more difficult. What comes next as easy fix is medication. I won’t start now on how medication does this and that and it’s bad etc etc but if you had to choose, wouldn’t you rather do it in a kinder way to your body?

Somnox is what I call a smart pillow: it sings to you, it turns on the lights and breathes while you’re cozy spooning it. No really, check the website. Designed last year in Delft, Somnox is still a prototype and the dutch team is looking for all sorts of partners to help people all aver the world sleep better: investors to fund the project, engineers, research specialists and of course, TESTERS!

What the Angel from Quirk Heaven thinks: although I haven’t tried it yet, it seems to be the next best thing after the Philips Wake-up Light. I fortunately don’t need to sleep better, however I’ve tested the Wake-up Light, which is solely dedicated to give some relief to the brutal waking up – my true battle. Waking up on demand is such pure torture for me that no current device can soothe it, therefore I remain in the battle cold turkey. I’m all for trying out new stuff but since I have no trouble falling asleep, I’m not the best tester.

Now that I think about it better, I can find another purpose for it besides a better sleep: for the lonely souls, dreading to go to sleep alone, it might just feel like sleeping with someone!


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