This bracelet saves your life with incredible side effects

Kingii wearable save drowning inflatable lifebuoy bracelet

Beach fun is the ultimate entertainment, you dream about it during the cold winter months. Sun shining, sand under your feet, warm wind breeze, playful waves and a chaise-long. The kids never want to leave the water, these waves are simply too awesome to miss. Even though they can swim just fine and there’s also a lifeguard in sight, you just can’t shake it off and relax without checking up on them every other minute. Say goodbye to that mistery novel you longed to dive in before this holiday, or simply closing your eyes in full tranquility. The danger of drowning lurks around the corner and you know how difficult it is to spot a drowning person.

The 5 signs to spot a case of drowning:

1. Drowning persons have either closed eyes or a glassy empty stare, unable to focus. Drowning people can’t call for help because in case of extreme stress, the body is programmed to give breathing priority. Speech is thus blocked physiologically, therefore the victim can’t scream for help

2. When someone is drowning, their mouth is not above water long enough to enable exhaling and then inhaling, that’s why they inhale water instead of air

3. Look for frantic vertical movement, like climbing up a ladder. It’s not so easy to spot unless you’re looking. When drowning, we instinctively press outwards and downwards with the arms in order to push our body up for air. That’s why drowning people can’t wave their hands for attention, cause in order to be able to do it they must first stop themselves from drowning

4. While staying upright, a person fighting drowning can’t perform supporting kicks. It takes up to 60 seconds of struggle before going under

5. Hair covers the face – the drowning victim doesn’t have enough energy to keep breathing and take the hair out of the way

Kingii wearable is a bracelet you can wear Kingii wearable armband bracelet inflating buoy save drowningwhile going in the water. When in need, just pull the lever and you have a lifebuoy in 2 seconds to support you until safe. I believe this is something an adult doesn’t really need unless in extreme situations, like extreme sports, stormy sea, ocean or flowing river. While drowning situations are quite rare and thus the chance to pop it open is small, Kingii can definitely bring peace of mind and stress diffusion when having kids in the water.

Most customers are happy with this product:

  • It’s reportedly comfortable to wear and light enough to not bother you in the water
  • reusable, but only with CO2 cartridges provided by Kingii
  • although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a suitable age, customers agree this device is suitable for kids 10+
  • supports up to 130 kg weight
  • it’s approved for all watersports
  • buoyancy (force carried upon an object/being that is immersed in water) of 57,87 Newton
  • the armband measures 23 cm when folded and 30 cm when inflated
  • has a compass embedded
  • designed to be visible underwater
  • a whistle is available, but only after inflation

Kingii armband inflatable lifesaving buoy braceletHere in Quirk Heaven we always look also at the hidden, often undisclosed characteristics of a product we feature. If you’re considering to get the Kingii, here are the limitations we found:

  • in order to work as intended, discipline is required: forgetting to put it on and forgetting to refill it with a full CO2 capsule can make a life and death difference
  • while not life threatening, some buyers experienced the buoy dislodging from the pouch while swimming, therefore needing to fold it back in position
  • costs €90, a quite restrictive price
  • it’s only compatible with Kingii capsules, €6 for a pack of 2
  • does not replace a life vest, you must first know how to swim on your own to use the Kingii safely

Our opinion: in this day and age, stress is the main culprit for a lower quality life, therefore we embrace Kingii not for what it can do for those wearing it, but for the peace of mind it brings to the others.


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