Quirky inventions – episode 1

Here in Quirk Heaven I get to see dozens of quirks worthy to be featured on a daily basis. But I only have 2 hands and so much time to do my homework. And thorough researching inventions is a phase I never skip in order to bring here curated information from multiple sources, and that’s part of the fun: reading reviews, seeing demos, comparing sources, checking the competition – is this quirk unique? – if not, why should I write about it and not about the other similar one? – does it fit all the criteria to win a spot in QH? – what are all the characteristics to watch out for when deciding to get it? For some posts this research takes days until rounded up. For some there simply isn’t enough information available or the quirk is so young that it’s not clear when it will hatch out of prototype/idea phase.

That’s how Quirk  inventions theme appeared.

  • Microsoft’s drawing tool auto-completes the free hand sketch by predicting what stroke comes next

  • Say goodbye to flat tires, behold the bike wearing tires without air, powered by Bridgestone, is expected to land on the market in 2019

  • Wireless waterproof high fidelity noise blocking and real time language translator headphones from Bragi, the Dash Pro sells for €349 (God forbid to lose one while swimming in the ocean!)

  • Snuggle yourself under the gravity weighted blanket

  • If you’ve just whitened your teeth and you love coffee that doesn’t come through a straw, you should know you can order colorless coffee. CLR CFF swear they don’t add to it anything other than pure water and coffee beans

  • Talking about inventions that make the world better, this is the shoe that grows 5 sizes designed for the kids in Africa. You can buy it for personal use or donate it directly


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