7 summer fun amplifiers – Quirk digest episode 2

brilliant props for summer

It’s finally summer in some parts of the world, clothes go off, swimsuits on. Ready, set, SPLASH! Whether you go to the beach or in a pool, check out these items designed to improve your already pumped up summer experience:

1.  Giantex Multi Function Rolling Cooler Picnic Table

This 28L suitcase that turns into a table with drink cooler and 2 foldable chairs. It’s a 28L capacity cooler that folds out to become a picnic table. Costs ~€55

Multi Function Rolling Cooler Picnic Camping Outdoor with Table and 2 Chairs

2. Baby beach tent from MonoBeach

A pop-up portable shade pool for your infant’s beach entertainment. This very portable tent is suitable for kids up to 3. Costs ~€35

MonoBeach Baby Beach pop-up tent MonoBeach Baby Beach Tent






3. World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Picnic Table

Comes with a huge central cooler with drainage port, cup holder on each seat and grab handles for easy boarding. Costs ~€150

WOW World of Watersports, 12-2000 Aqua Table, Inflatable Floating Picnic Table, 2 to 4 Person

4. Ostrich Lady Comfort Lounge

This adjustable sunbed has breast cavity that expands and contracts to accommodate and support varying sizes and has an open/close face cavity with arm slots and pillow. Costs ~€70Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounge

5. Inflat-a-Bull

Be brave and enjoy a fun bull-riding experience on water with Intex Inflatable! Host competitions with family and friends and see how long you can stay mounted on the bull. Costs ~€80

Intex Inflat A Bull Ride bull in the pool

6. Beach Vault

Keeps your belongings safely hidden. Lay down! Close your eyes! Take a nap and let the sun kiss your skin with a beautiful shade … oh wait you can’t. The moment you arrived at the beach your friends and family went off to play volleyball, go surfing or take that all relaxing walk down the beach. You’ve been waiting for this moment to relax, you just want to shut your eyes, pop in your headphones and drift away, but that’s not possible. Why? Well, you’re currently guarding beach bags containing keys, wallets, cellphones, perhaps a kindle for reading or an Ipad. Well my friend, you don’t have to wait for someone to relieve you from your security post in order to begin relaxing. Costs ~€55 The Beach Vault

7. Sapelos floating sunglasses

Be honest, you’ve probably lost at least one pair of sunglasses in the deep sea/river/lake.  These ones will float to the surface for you to grab thanks to the extra light TPX frame. Costs ~€45

Sapelos floating sunglasses TPX fame polarized UV protect lenses

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