This no spill cup doesn’t care about spilled milk

I didn’t actually realize how much skill is required to be able to drink from a cup without tipping it over. Apparently some people are just prone to spill their drinks. Well, actually if I think about it, I know quite a few friends and relatives who battle with the spilled-my-drink syndrome, and while I talk about perfectly fine individuals, there are some categories that could use all the help they can get when getting around with the daily activities.

The Mighty Mug is a no spill cup, another quirky invention that even though not completely delivering upon all the claims – but which marketing is 100% accurate? – proved to really be helpful in some situations.

What is the Mighty Mug anyway? It’s actually a classic mug equipped with a built in bottom suction system that allows it to stick to surfaces. What is clever about it: while it doesn’t fall when being knocked over from either side, it holds no resistance when being grabbed for a sip via the natural vertical motion.

See here the demo for the Kickstarter campaign:

While for the average coffee drinker it’s maybe an unnecessary precaution, I personally know so many clumsies that would even trip over their own toes if they were detachable, Bridget Joneses in distress and used to be white shirts out there, and I’m not even talking about the ones who could really use it, all jokes left aside:

  • elderly people that lose coordination due to arthritis and other conditions accentuated by aging process
  • the chronically ill: think neuromotoric illnesses like Parkinsons
  • mental illness
  • physical limitation, like having the “good” hand broken and in a cast

Yes, it looks too good to be true, and maybe it is, but if you watch out for some of the following points you’ll definitely know better what to expect. On average, this Mighty Mug makes 83% of buyers happy.

  • the surface is important: must be smooth, flat, solid and non-porous, which means it will not stick optimally on all types of furniture
  • it holds approximately 450ml
  • some buyers complain the material is not fancy enough. While BPA free, safe for microwave and dishwasher (except the stainless steel models), it may still look like “crappy plastic”, so not much of a looker
  • the Mighty Mug claims to keep keep beverages hot for up to 6 hours and cold for about 14. Buyers usually complain about this aspect, so the insulation doesn’t work out as advertised
  • not that easy to clean
  • the lid is making quite a mess: the liquid comes on top and doesn’t go back where it should. The lid is completely flat, therefore not correctly guiding the extra liquid back in the mug. Some buyers say that the lid doesn’t close correctly
  • sometimes the no spill cup “sweats” with cool drinks and also condenses between the isolating layers
  • the sucking cup can get worn out from too many challenges (for instance children and overenthusiasts), after all it is made of rubber
  • it costs about €18

Jobs for this no spill cup:

  • on the night stand by the bed
  • on a boat (oh yes!)
  • on the coffee table in a house with small kids and/or pets running around like lunatics
  • at picnics
  • close to laptops and keyboards, however I wouldn’t push my luck
  • we all have that clumsy friend that could use one, here’s the perfect gift!

Mighty Mug is so successful that it brought up other “family members”: no spill cups for cool drinks, whiskey glasses, wine goblets and beer pints. Good initiative but lousy design if you ask us here in Quirk Heaven, they look simply cheap and ugly.

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