Welcome in Quirk Heaven, take a cup of tea, beer or coffee and prepare to discover solutions to your 1st world problems you probably didn’t even know you had. I’ve always been crazy about ingenious items, research in health and technology; my Newsfeed is where I find new information about the human body & soul as well as scientific updates and facts.

Quirk Heaven appeared from the pile of notes, lists and links I kept collecting while stumbling upon various ingenious devices that I would like to have one day. Like the umbrella designed to resist heavy wind, or the rug that rings the wake-up alarm until you step on it, the gooey cloth that cleans hard to reach places that changed my germaphobe life forever, or all those ingenious kitchen utensils that make your jaw drop. The  problem with these ingenious inventions? They seem perfect, they come in nice neat packages like professional photos, YouTube videos, the infamous teleshopping (these tend to be the most dangerous in triggering impulse shopping) and flawless presentation websites, and they immediately make you go:

shut up and take my money ingenious items impulse shopping new products inventions innovations gadgets

More often than not, these products are so new they don’t have a market yet. Certified reviews from verified purchases either don’t exists or they’re scattered all around the web, tucked well within Amazon, Facebook and comments on advertorials and articles focusing only on presenting them, and in order to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to buy, you tend to get lost or spend a whole lot of time researching. After being burned so many times buying these “perfect” items only to discover they don’t function quite the way they were advertised, I started to do my homework and read about them as much as I could find, which in time turned into a Best Buying Process I successfully apply before taking out my credit card. This helps me save money, get rid of clutter and avoid frustration.

Best buying process: Quirk Heaven is not just a “look how cool this product is” kind of collection. The resident Angel is committed to showcasing creations of sparkling minds who invent new solutions to basically anything, and to turn them upside down and inside out to uncover their limitations. By testing, analyzing the buyers’ experience and reading tons of reviews (if available), you will always find here a legitimate recommendation in a concise and accessible form which takes less than 8 minutes to read, whether as a list of criteria to check out before choosing what to buy, limitations and challenges/disadvantages or simply alternative usage ideas.

Idea incubator: This is also the place where ideas appear and take shape. Since I often find myself thinking about products I could use which don’t exist yet, or maybe they do but they are still somewhere covered under all the internet, my mission is to bring them into the spotlight.

Do you consider buying a certain quirky item? Do you already own or know about something quirky and want to let the world know about it? Please send your proposal via the contact form or in the comment section if it fits these 4 criteria:

  • It may be around for quite a while but it’s not (yet) worldwide known. Think of the quirky tools so popular in Asia that the rest of the world can benefit. Ever heard of the Spork?


  • It serves an unique purpose and can’t be 90% replaced by some other existent device (for example you have the thermometer, there’s no such thing as a baby bath thermometer)
  • A significant part of people can successfully make use of it (for example a breath test to discover whether a blue whale is diabetic or not doesn’t apply)
  • A low to average income household can afford it (that car that drives itself while consuming only solar and eolian energy which Musk will probably launch next year also doesn’t make the cut)

This being said, let the quirk show begin!

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